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I have been shaving with a real brush and real shaving soap for over four decades; I shave every day, and the good part of shaving is the lather and the clean face feel.

At the same time, when I travel and have to lug what I am going to shave with in carry-on baggage, I have a tube of either Aubrey Mens Stock Northwoods shaving cream or Kiss My Face Levender & Shea shaving cream in my Dopp kit. (The KMF is AC/DC, and works as either a brushless or as a surprisingly excellent lathering shave cream when used with a brush; the Aubrey Mens Stock Northwoods is strictly brushless.)

But there is a non-traveling use where there is no real alternative to a brushless cream. That is for the missed spot that one discovers hours after shaving.

It is not infrequently that in the middle of the day I discover that I missed a small patch during my morning shave. Most often, it is a tiny line of whiskers on the edge of my lip near the corner of my mouth. Once discovered, it is like when I discover that I have chipped a tooth and I cannot stop running my tongue over the tiny chip. Suddenly, the distraction takes over my attention.

After I have shaved with a DE razor, I completely disassemble it and rinse and dry each component at the end of the shave, in anticipation of the next day's shave. I also wipe my shaving brush on a towel after rinsing and shaking it out, and hang it bristles down to dry. No way I am going to go through the whole rigamarole of shaving prep and set-up to mow down a centimeter long by quarter centimeter wide patch of whiskers.

That is when there is no substitute for a dab of Aubrey Mens Stock Northwoods and my Schick Hydro 3 cartridge razor.

Squeeze Smear Snick Snick, quick and done; rinse, and I am back to thinking about other things than the missed patch. Never could do that with a DE razor and a full brush prep.

I believe that there must be many others who appreciate how efficient a good brushless cream and a cartridge razor are to address such situations. What tools do you keep handy for the task?

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 09-03-2014, 01:44 AM
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Love the chipped-tooth analogy! I haven't thought of taking this must-solve approach, but maybe now I will. And I'm going to look into this Aubrey product.

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 09-03-2014, 03:43 AM
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For the non-traveling, "missed spot" shave, I have a couple things -- not really brushless, but work well. Em's Place cream which comes in a pump-dispenser like the KMF; also, The Real Shaving Company cream, which is not brushless but a little smear works fine for the sort of touch-up you describe.

In many circumstances I'll be able to face lather a tiny bit of either of the above with a cheap synthetic brush, too.

Finally, for traveling I have used Trader Joe's brushless shave cream. This might well be a relabeled Aubrey cream, I'm not sure. This will do for the touch up as well.

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