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I am offering for sale today an instant collection of classic Wilkinson Sword TTOs in excellent condition and a very nice Henckels Rapide SE set. Payment via Paypal, shipping within the US included. I will ship internationally if the buyer will cover shipping.

[Image: Sticky1.jpg]

[Image: StickyFlip1.jpg]

[Image: StickyFlip2.jpg]

[Image: StickyFlip3.jpg]

[Image: StickyFlip4.jpg]

First is a pair of Wilkinson Sword razors that I am selling as a lot. I purchased the Sticky NOS and would list it as NOS had I not shaved with it once. The razor presents as new in its plastic case and shipper, with advertising card and instructions. The included blades are unopened and original. And they happen to be my favorite vintage blades. The shipper and plastic case have some scuff marks. There are no cracks in the plastic razor case.

The Flip-Top razor is in excellent shape. I'm not sure, but I think these came in some sort of disposable package. I would describe it as a mild shaver, like the Sticky. The handle is made of metal, while the upper part is plastic. The top cap is metal. The mechanism is pretty cool - push the button on the side of the handle and the top cap flips open.

I would like to sell the Wilkinson razors together for $200.

[Image: Rapide1.jpg]

[Image: Rapide2.jpg]

Also for sale is this nice Henckels Rapide set. The set includes the velvet lined leather box, three Henckels wedge blades, two blade holders, a stropping device, and a stropper handle. The leather box has some cracks in the leather on the edges of the lid, and the edge of the lid seems to be barely holding onto the box. I think with more use, it will separate. The case houses the set very nicely. Two of the wedge blades have excellent, intact edges and were professionally honed in the last year (and not subsequently used). The third blade has tiny chips from the corners which will not affect its use. To use the stropping device, one would have to obtain a piece of leather of the right size - I did not receive the original strop with this set. The stropper handle is designed to hold the blades for hand stropping, but the attachment to hold the blades was lost before I purchased the set. A major feature of this excellent razor is that it will take current, disposable SE blades, so the wedges and stropping devices are just extras. I would like $85.

Thanks for looking!


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