09-05-2014, 10:40 AM
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Hi All,

To those of you who remember how small we started and to all of those that joined us down this great road of sotds, soaps and razors and brushes, THANK YOU!
The first 5 years have gone too fast as you all will have experinced. Luckily we have only had great luck with our shop, our customers and all the happy fans of BdF and TFS.
To celebrate these first 5 years, we will give a great discount of 15 % on very many products, such as the TFS and BdF-soaps, the Pearl razors and many other products too.

To get the discount, please use "BDF5JAAR" on your checkout.

Thanks for the great support and warm contacts we have experineced during this short period.
We hope to expand on those and have more and more people join in.
Have a great weekend,

Lysbet and Eric

Oh, and before I forget, we have two great new soaps from TFS in their Linea Intenso Forte:

A true fresh (mint and methol) soap, the Sottozero
[Image: TFSLISottozero-380x380.jpg]

Sottozero Forte

and a soap many have asked us since the Sandalo Boise was discontinued: the "Crazy Sandalwood" which is one true, strong, exceptional Sandalwood scent.

[Image: TFSLICrazysandalwood-380x380.jpg]

Crazy Sandalwood

And how about our entry into the straight razors?

This Jaguar 5/8 as new old stock, amde by Henckels Zwilling Solingen, is a great razor for anyone who wants to try his luck with a straight razor. Great price! With a Linea Intenso forte soap by TFS for free!

[Image: straightJaguar581-500x500.jpg]


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