09-06-2014, 10:59 AM
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So today I just used a super speed for the first time. Hotel water, using MdC.

I normally use a feather razor, as-d1 or 2. This was certainly a good shave, I liked it better than my DE89L, but for the first time I think I got that 'roughness' from a feather blade. When going over my neck I feltAnyway, I look forward to trying it a home.

I really think using other razors gives me appreciation for the feather. I'm not even sure what property makes it so great, but I never have to worry about razor burn with the feather as-dx.

It feels like the feather just holds the razor blade very taught. This isn't really a measurable property. The feather is probably the best money I've spent in shaving. It has had the largest impact on closeness and comfort.

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 09-06-2014, 11:16 AM
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Congratulations on your success with the Feather razors and blades.
I, for one, have never had any luck with any of them, unfortunately as I would have loved to keep a Cobra and Feather DX razor in my den, but my skin just doesn't like those blades. Blush

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 09-09-2014, 07:38 AM
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I like Feathers in a D2. They're nice in my Tech but I tried one in a Red Tip today and it wasn't as smooth. I'll see if it mellows down tomorrow.

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