05-22-2012, 03:10 PM
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it has been a very interesting learning experience the past several weeks

I have primarily used a Merkur 34cHD since I began wetshaving over 15 months ago. There has been a comfort in using it- knowing that it will bite me if I use too sharp a blade and/or too much speed/pressure. But it has provided me consistent close shaves (I rarely try for BBS because my neck area around the Adam's apple cannot take it!)

Recently, I took the plunge into buying a Tradere handle(pre-release sale)... one problem- NO FREAKIN 3-piece razor to try it with! Lightbulb So I fixed that by grabbing a brand new EJ89LBL from the BST on B&B.

However, I wanted to judge the EJ89LBL on its own merit, so I shaved with it for 2 weeks, using the rest of my normal shave routine. I was impressed with the mildness of the EJ89! It didn't give me the same smoothness that the 34cHD provided, but I had much less irritation/burn. I'm not sure how it would have responded if I would have applied a bit more pressure, but then again, why start bad habits Wink

The next two weeks shaving were with the EJ89 and Tradere handle- shave was more satisfactory to me in achieving hair reduction, with less effort than the standard EJ89LBL setup. More than likely, this is due to the extra weight provided by the Tradere handle vs the standard EJ89LBL handle. Once again, mild compared to the 34cHD.

But then, Master Obie has a 1904OC on TSN's BST! I hear good things about open comb razors for gents like me that have funky multi-directional hair-growth- and I immediately send Master Obie a PM to secure the 1904OC (wonderful transaction too!) Biggrin

I did not spend as much time with the 1904OC as I did with the EJ89 setups (w/wo/Tradere handle), but wanted a *first impression*, so I used it j-i-t for a 2-day growth cycle (the rest of my shave routine staying the same). It did perform well for my neck area, however, I think I was a bit too timid with it, not knowing if it would slice me up, and my timidness gave me a not-so-close shave on my face.

33 hours later, I decided to take it to a wHole-aNother-Level Cool
The 1904OC was quickly fitted with the trusty/heavy Tradere handle, AND I threw on a Bolzano blade (wow! what a difference), impact ??? shave was close and pretty much irritation free!
I noticed that the 1904OC seemed to want me to apply more pressure than I would ever dare with the 34cHD, I followed this, and was surprised that I didn't suffer Blush (no weepers/nicks)

Well, I come full circle, and say "self, it is time to throw that same blade back into the 34cHD"

And my last shave yesterday with the 34cHD and the Bolzano blade I had used in my previous shave. My mind was less restricted to fear, and I was able to apply a wee-bit more pressure with the 34cHD
... result was a BBS shave (jawline and above) and a DFS (below the jawline)... however, noticeable amount of burn-irritation (no bumps)

The difference in shavers/combos allowed me to become less timid toward *trying* to get a close shave- granted, I came away with irritation last night, however, it showed me that it is possible for me to get a pretty good shave, and avoid the irritation with any of the razor/combos.. It just took me time to experiment with quality, modest equipment.

BTW, for me, Bolzano blades seem to be the perfect blend of smoothness with the ability to give a very close shave (coarse hair type. only dense growth areas are at side burns, mustache, and chin)

thanks for reading Smile

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 05-22-2012, 06:31 PM
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Great to hear your experience, James.
Open-Combs are fantastic shavers! Enjoy!

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 05-23-2012, 01:32 AM
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Thank-you sharing your shaving journey with us, I hope continue to enjoy your shaving experiences!

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 05-23-2012, 03:03 AM
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I always seem to go around in circles like this too and I think it's a good thing.

Gaining better technique and the discovery of new,(or old!) razors and blades and then using different blade/handle combos with razors that I hadn't done previously, just as you did bring about great change, much improvement all around and something to look forward to. Biggrin

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 05-23-2012, 03:05 AM
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Agreed completely EHV. I long thought a DE89/R89 worthless and used more aggressive razors. Since working on my technique, I now find that my R89 is one of my most useful tools.

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 05-23-2012, 02:23 PM
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Razors are like women,there's a lot to be said for getting to know at least one incredibly well.

I'm workin' on itCool

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