09-07-2014, 06:07 PM
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I am flustered b/c I do not know what to do with the number of soaps I have that I no longer reach for. All of them are very good to excellent performers (I'm not a scent guy) but for some reason, they have taken backseats to others that I really like better. So, I have some questions for youse guys:

What is the last soap you demoted by removing it from your rotation?
Did you acknowledge that it was a very good performer, but ditched it anyway?
How often do you "shake-up" your soap rotation?

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 09-07-2014, 06:28 PM
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LOL, good question. I don't know how many times I have had a "new" best performer in my cart and cancelled the purchase because what I have in my cabinet are too many good performers as it is.

There are many I still want to try but just can't pull trigger until I either finish or sell some.

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 09-07-2014, 11:50 PM
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I have sold a pretty huge array of creams and soaps. All of them are considered high quality products. Either they didn't work for me or I just stopped grabbing for them (and didn't see myself grabbing for them in the future either). I've sold Acqua di Parma, Tabula Rasa, Martin de Candre, and other high performers (for different reasons).

I usually do offload on BST in batches, at least 5 things I want to sell at once.

Basically, when the thrill is gone and you know it ain't coming back, get rid of them… then you have space for NEW ONES THAT THRILL.

… and the cycle continues as long as you want.

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 09-08-2014, 05:46 AM
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Really depends... I keep the majority of my good soaps even if I am not currently reaching for them regularly. I know that in a few months I'll likely have a renewed interest in them and they'll be regulars in the rotation once again.

There are some however, that I end up deciding to sell to fellow enthusiasts. These are soaps that I know are good and may not be the easiest to obtain on a regular basis, or something about them doesn't work me such as scent, so I pass them on to someone else wanting to try them

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 09-08-2014, 12:16 PM
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I don't sell used shaving soaps or creams, but I have sold some stock of my shaving creams or soaps even though it was hard to get those.

So I just sold them to clear some stock, and sometimes I would sell a shaving soap that I haven't even used.

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 09-08-2014, 06:35 PM
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I just got rid of some soaps that I no longer use. The ones on the chopping block were either too used or just too cheap to both with reselling (or were small batches of my own soap) so I pitched them.

1. Several bits of Dapper Dragon that I don't personally reach for, or which were failed experiments.
2. Mystic Water Wild Lavender. Too many lavenders I like better.
3. L'Occitane Cade. Good soap, just too far down the list. And it was old and in a non-airtight container, so the scent was gone.

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 09-08-2014, 06:37 PM
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In the very same boat my friend................

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 09-08-2014, 07:28 PM
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I can live with soaps that I don't agree with scent wise but are good performers. They get used my weekday rotation and I use the good stuff on weekends. I survived on caned goo for a long time before making the switch to traditiona gear so it's hard for me to hate a soap.

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 09-08-2014, 08:32 PM
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DRH Windsor. Love the scent, but I find the performance a step down from the artisans.

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 09-09-2014, 03:24 PM
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Soaps are easy to acquire and tend to take up more space as you find some new ones that sound interesting.

Life is too short to live with disappointing soaps and creams; sell them and try some others!


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