09-10-2014, 06:01 AM
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Gentlemen: I've started a new thread to show a variety of new work I plan to introduce over the coming months: brushes, razors, shaving bowls, and who knows what else.

To start things off, I would like to offer this Cocobolo and White Turquoise True-Stone® shaving brush through my Etsy shop. It's available in a variety of 26mm x 54mm 2- and 3-band knots (3-Band WSP Silvertip shown.) Overall length is ~130mm. Priced at $98.00US, plus applicable shipping. (SOLD)

Thank you for your consideration.

[Image: oSDDBH1.jpg]

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 09-18-2014, 07:02 AM
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Two new brushes for your consideration...

The first is a variation on my "Lil' Guy" chubby with a Mexican Agate Tru-stone® handle and a 22/45mm Gen 4 3-band synthetic knot, it stands 93mm tall.
[Image: 5Rh6oxm.jpg]

Next up is another "Lil' Guy" but with a Black with Gold Matrix Tru-Stone® handle fitted with a 24/48mm WSP Silvertip knot. This is my first attempt at turning this very hard "stone." I had shied away from it, but was pleasantly surprised at well it yields to a sharp tool when turned at high rpm's using light cuts. Polishes well, too! Wink (SOLD)
[Image: 8hUSLJr.jpg]

Both brushes are available in the Wet Shaving section of my Etsy shop.

Thank you for looking!

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 10-12-2014, 06:10 PM
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beautiful work brad. love my bowl. good luck with these new brushes they are stunning

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 11-09-2014, 12:52 PM
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After a too long absence from the Nook, I'm delighted to be back with some new offerings for your consideration. All are available with the delightful "Foresta" soap from Cold River Soap works. More information on these--and other--offerings is available on my Etsy shop.

First is a 26mm/58mm shaving brush featuring a 3-Band Premium Silvertip from WSP set in an alternative horn handle. I find this shape has great heft and "feel" as a dedicated bowl lathering brush. $97.50, incl. Domestic U.S. PM shipping. Add $12.00 for a puck of CRSW "Foresta" soap.
[Image: cfbNBHd.jpg]

Second is a 24mm/54mm Premium Silvertip brush, also by WSP, in a white Turquoise TruStone Handle. $97.50 incl. Domestic U.S. shipping. (SOLD)
[Image: t6CJjea.jpg]

Next is a Razor and Brush set in matching Black with Gold Matrix TruStone Handles. The brush is one of my "Lil' Guy" Chubbies with a 24mm WSP Premium Silvertip set at 52mm loft. The razor features your choice of either and open or closed comb Merkur head in one of my ergonomic "Long Handles." $185.00 which includes a puck of "Foresta," five Merkur blades, and Domestic U.S. PM shipping. (SOLD)
[Image: 0yb20Md.jpg]

Rounding out the offerings is another 26mm/58mm brush in an alternative ivory handle. Also with a WSP Premium Silvertip knot. $97.50, incl. Domestic U.S. PM shipping. Add $12.00 for a puck of CRSW "Foresta" soap.
[Image: ZUVdK3j.jpg]

Thanks for your time!

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 11-18-2014, 09:23 AM
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Some of the latest to come out of my shop. You can see more on their respective listings in the Etsy shop.

(SOLD) First up is the newest addition to my "OB" series shaving brushes. Named in honor of our friend, Obie, who inspired their creation, the new (and larger) version, which I call the "OB2" series, feature 28 - 30mm knots set between 58 & 60mm depending on knot size. The brush shown uses a 28mm/58mm TGN Finest F2 knot. $98.50, incl. Domestic US PM shipping. (A puck of CRSW Classic "Foresta" shaving soap may be had for $12.00 additional.) Other brushes in this series coming soon.

[Image: anlnUzZ.jpg]

(SOLD)Second is my re-interpretation of the classic Rubberset Boar shaving brush featuring a Cocobolo Rosewood handle and 27mm TGN Boar knot. $64.50 incl. Domestic US PM shipping

[Image: LFLG3Fi.jpg]

Third in line (but something I'm very excited to introduce) is a custom Merkur D.E. razor fitted to my "Magnum" M3 Macro-Molecular Metal handle. $115.00 incl. Domestic U.S. PM shipping.

[Image: pbuwqGU.jpg]

Fourth is a custom razor and brush set with matching White Turquoise TruStone handles. The brush features a 24mm/54mm WSP Premium Silvertip knot, while the razor uses my "Magnum" handle below a Parker head. Price, including a puck of CRSW "Foresta" soap and pack of Astra blades is $175.00 incl. Domestic U.S. PM shipping.

[Image: uwABCfA.jpg]

Last, but not least, is a re-issue of my "Lil' Guy" Chubby with a Mango wood handle, African Blackwood ferrule and 24mm/53mm WSP Premium Silvertip knot. $95.00 incl. Domestic U.S. PM shipping.

[Image: PY3Wc6h.jpg]

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 11-20-2014, 09:10 AM
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Two new pieces for your consideration before I head off to another show.

First up is variant on my new "OB2" series shaving brush in faux ivory with a 30mm/58mm TGN Finest F2 knot. Named in honor of our friend Obie, who inspired its creation, this brush is $110.00 including Domestic U.S. PM shipping. Add $12.00 for a puck of CRSW "Foresta" soap, available exclusively through BSFW.

[Image: 41vvZzc.jpg]

(SOLD) a custom Merkur DE razor fitted with my new M3 Mokumi Gane handle. (M3 is an amazing material developed for the aerospace industry that is not only beautiful, but has certain properties that dampen most of the vibrations generated during the shave. The result is an incredibly close shave! You can read more about it here.)

If you look closely, you'll see little specks in the handle. Those are not defects; rather, they are little gem-like flecks that sparkle in the light. Amazing stuff!) $95.00 incl. Domestic U.S. PM shipping.

[Image: 9qu5jKK.jpg]

Thank you for your time!

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 11-20-2014, 12:19 PM
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Brad - excellent unique offerings. Great workmanship.

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