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Every once in awhile since I started wet shaving I feel obligated to point out the things that are above and beyond the high bar the entire industry has set. Personna 74's were one, vintage Gillette razors another, Mitchell's Wool Fat, Czech and Speake Oxford & Cambridge still others, and props are due to John for introducing me to Wilkinson Sword Light Brigade blades. In a world without P74's they'd dominate like Usain Bolt. As sharp as the sharpest, second tier to the 74s only in longevity (Lord Cools are actually second but drop down too far on the smooth scale) and as smooth, maybe slightly smoother. Looking back on my shaving logs, while I hardly ever even get a weeper with P74s, I show having never drawn blood with a LB. Oil a baby's ass and slide it across your face and that's how much tugging and pulling you get with a LB. And they are 10 times harder to get than the mythical(rightly so) p74s.
Ok, end of rant.

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