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Good evening gentlemen. As much as it pains me to sell these two wonderful razors, I need to finance two other purchases so I had to make some hard choices. No trades at this time, thank you!

The first is my Boker Silver Steel razor. A 6/8 full hollow (classified as extra hollow by Boker) razor with a nice beefy spine and a solid tang. I especially love the faux tortoise scales that look even better in person. The bevel and the edge was set by Alfredo (Doc226 here on the boards) so you know it is done right. Definitely a shave ready razor right now. Used only 4 times and in brand new condition as you can see in the pictures.

This one is $138 (One and only price reduction to $130 USD) **SOLD!** shipped to anywhere in North America. Overseas is a bit extra. If you require tracking it will be $10 more.

[Image: Wh4Dx5f.jpg][Image: JkG8uNc.jpg][Image: dhTpGI7.jpg][Image: ymskfzH.jpg][Image: 5QCvPVQ.jpg]

The next is one of my very best. A Filarmonica Doble Temple #14 in very good condition. The pictures speak for themselves. Although there is some very light shallow pitting in some parts, nothing too drastic. It was restored, re-pinned and shined up to a mirror finish by Alfredo and the edge is superb. The scales are in perfect condition with all writing and the logo fully intact. It closes tight and centered. A beautiful piece really. Also very much shave ready. I get the best shaves out of all of my razors from my two Filarmonica razors. This one is one of them. Whoever buys this will be very satisfied, I am sure of it.

This one is $285 **SOLD!** USD shipped to anywhere in North America. If you require tracking it will be $10 more.

[Image: TAKXNyl.jpg][Image: GbkQugz.jpg][Image: NgisBoA.jpg][Image: FsXb1wm.jpg][Image: LC61nCQ.jpg][Image: 8PFCC0L.jpg]

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