09-22-2014, 10:09 AM
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Good afternoon gents. When I started wet shaving many years ago, I didn't give a 34c or a EJ89 a try as I went down a much different path than most when they started. I feel like I've done myself, Merkur/EJ and the wet shaving hobby a disservice by not trying out these razors but I'm hoping to change that with this post.

So, what I'd like obviously is a 34c and/or a ej89(l). For trade, well I have creams and soaps that I'd be willing to pick through to make a trade happen. Here is a list of the creams/soaps/balms.

TOBS Avocado = 90%
TOBS Luxury = 90%
TOBS Sandalwood = 75%
TOBS Eton Collage = 95%
Castle Forbes Lavender = 95%
WM Newmann Signature 1907 = 95%
Musgo Real = 90%
Musgo Real Oakmoss = 95%
Cella = 95%
RR Nervous Wreck = 95%
RR XX = 95%
RR Green Tea = 95%

Castle Forbes Lime Balm = 85%
La Toja Balm = 95%

La Toja/Arko/Speick/Palmolive Shave Sticks each used 1x.

I'm willing to piece together a few items to ensure a fair trade.

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