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Good Day
Attached is a picture of a Bakelite Gillette razor and Rubberset brush. There seems to be a debate on the internet whether these were actually issued to US Army troops during WWII or not. I have seen packaging that would appear to be military issue looking rather then retail sales packaging. Anyway feel free to add your thoughts on these items.

Thanks mike

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 10-05-2014, 10:38 PM
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If not standard issue, it could be intended for sale to military personnel - much like the 'officers kit' was offered in WWI.

Best I could find online on short notice about US military issue razors in WWII is this:
Quote:The razor sold by Gillette during WW II to the government was the Contract Tech. It was identified by the box it came in with a stock number printed on it.
The pitfall is that the same razors, in the same boxes, reportedly was sold to civilians as well - either during the war or after (as surplus).

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