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ML and I attended the Boston Pen Show at the Holiday Inn, Somerville, MA today. Our FIRST ever. We must be true fans as we were 9th and 10th in line waiting for the doors to openBiggrin

Sign on the door:
[Image: QGmakx5.jpg]

These next two pics were taken as we were leaving and the room had filled up:
[Image: vei0BgV.jpg]
[Image: OBjjWZi.jpg]

We were surprised that most vendors were selling vintage and collectible pens. Only two had modern new pens:
1.Paradise pens. But they made a tactical error. In their local store they carry a great selection of pens from affordable to just dreamable. But they only bought their inhouse 5280 line of pens. They did not appear to draw a lot of attention to their table

2.Richard Binder. He had pens from all of the lines he carries on his website. His wife was just charming as she manned the sales table while Richard was at the work bench.

ML bought a Pilot Custom 74 in clear blue with a medium tip from Richards Pens. Besides a 10% discount Richard tested and tuned the nib for ML on the spot.
[Image: fedzPgl.jpg]
Biggrin ML is in red, Richard has the head gear and his wife is in the background. They gave verbal permission to be photographed

He had ML test the pen to be sure she liked it.
[Image: rSbzed2.jpg]
She did.

She asked him for an autograph and he obliged
[Image: 4dIDQ4h.jpg]

As he was signing I asked what his every day carry was. He replied that he is NEVER without a Parker 51 as he showed it to us.

We circled the room 4 times. I had seen a Mont Blanc 144 gold barley fountain pen with a fine nib. It was at Paul Erano's table. He has two books out and just started a magazine.
He and and his lovely daughter, Sara manned their table.
[Image: rvOAjEN.jpg]
She let me test drive the pen after dipping the pen. It wrote like a dream. We negotiated a price I could agree with and we purchased it. As it is vintage I did not get a box nor paper work but I am okay with that. In the above pic Paul is all smiles cause our purchase was his first ever transaction using his smart phone with the card swipe attachment ( I had to helpSmile). Sara is in the background. Again verbal permission was sought and granted to photograph.

We also picked up paper from http://www.Paperforfountainpens.com
Very smooth.
[Image: IMYYlMy.jpg]
I would recommend this paper. It feels thinner than most paper but is a joy to write on.

This is ML's new pen
[Image: G3UGG35.jpg]
[Image: kDdKhtT.jpg]
The nib is incredibly smooth and fluid.

And this is mine
[Image: TG0Y0PF.jpg]
[Image: htzoiou.jpg]
I love this pen. I looked at the entire Mont Blanc line last year (at Paradise Pens no less) but they felt lighweight and even (dare I say it?) cheap. I did not purchase one. But this pen is metal and has some heft. I like it!

Now for the only downer of the day. We agreed these pens would be set aside for Christmas presents. My word - that's 3 months away!!

We had a great time. Every one from the staff to the vendors to the customers were friendly and helpful - just great.

We both agree that a small show like this was a good one to start with. A big show may be more intimidating. That said ML has her sights set on the Philly or DC (or both) shows next year.


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 09-28-2014, 05:36 PM
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Very nice, Phil!

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 09-28-2014, 06:06 PM
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 09-28-2014, 06:11 PM
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Looks like a good time was had by all! I am seriously considering the pen show in Chicago this coming Spring. I have not been to a show yet and I think it would be total bliss. I have problems handing over a good chunk of my paycheck for a pen I may not like. The shows give a chance to try out higher end pens before you purchase.

3 months to wait?! I couldn't do it!

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 09-29-2014, 12:01 AM
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Phil, thanks for the great photos. Your pen is a real beauty and the fact that Mary Lou got her pen at Richard Binder's table and actually had him fine tune it must be a fantastic experience.

I have been to the Philadelphia show once and the Los Angeles show three times. I would love to meet Pam in Chicago for that show and I have my heart set on making the Washington, D.C. show someday.

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 09-29-2014, 01:18 PM
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It seems this was a warm and pleasant time. And both pen are beautiful.

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 09-29-2014, 07:22 PM
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Excellent, Phil! Smile

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 10-01-2014, 03:02 PM
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(09-29-2014, 01:18 PM)Thalasos Wrote: It seems this was a warm and pleasant time. And both pen are beautiful.

Thanks. And welcome to the shave nook. Nice bunch of folks. And while I love all of the shaving forums The Ink Well is my favorite.


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