10-04-2014, 10:24 AM
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As mentioned repeatedly ML and I attended the Boston Pen Show.
ML picked up a Pilot Custom 74 and I got a vintage Mont Blanc.

I mentioned on the original thread that we would hold onto these and exchange them at Christmas time. Pam said she could never wait 3 months. Well neither could MLBiggrin

We gave them to each other this morning.

My pen did not come with a box nor paperwork. I purchased from a reputable dealer and am comfortable with that. That being said I can not find any info on this pen. My best guess is that it is the pen mentioned in the title.

The pen is slightly smaller than my usual pens.
[Image: fYyzrh7.jpg]
[Image: 8ii9TZW.jpg]

But once posted it felt good in my hand.
[Image: 3IQyuRJ.jpg]

I attempted to purchase a Mont Blanc 149 last fall. But it felt un-substantial. Light and cheap even. I tried every MB at the pen shop and they all felt that way to me.

This pen is all metal and has the heft I like. It is a solid feeling pen.

I inked it with Diamine Poppy Red. The nib is a fine.
It writes smoothly with just a hint of toothiness. This is perfect for me. If a pen writes perfectly smooth I write too fast and my script is more illegible than normal. A touch of toothiness slows me down so I write better.

I love the pen. And even though ML caved in on the exchange date I am sure glad she didSmile


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 10-04-2014, 12:14 PM
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That pen is a beauty, Phil. Use it in the best of health. Smile

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 10-04-2014, 06:38 PM
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Phil that is beautiful! Congratulations! Smile

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 10-04-2014, 09:01 PM
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Beautiful pen, Phil! I would love to try a Mont Blanc, some day! Smile

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