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Just what the subject line says.

Tonight I needed dark brown sugar to make apple crisp out of apples that a friend brought over. OK, I know what to do since I haven't bought any brown sugar in years. I make my own out of ingredients that I always have on hand.

So what substitutes do you use?

Another I use all the time because I really don't much care for cilantro. I substitute parsley.

But back to dark brown sugar...

Sugar Substitutes

Superfine sugar (aka castor sugar)

Uses: dissolves almost instantly in drinks and in sugar cookies in which a grit free texture is desired.

Process 1 cup plus 2 tsps white sugar in a food processor (or blender) for 30 seconds. Yield: 1 cup superfine sugar

Confectioners sugar

Uses: Dusting desserts, making glazes, sweetening meringue

Pulverize 1 cup white sugar with 1 tsp corn starch in a spice grinder blender for at least 1 minute. You may need to process in 2 batches. Strain through a fine mess strainer to remove any large particles. Yield: 1 cup confectioners sugar.

Brown Sugar

Uses: helps keep baked goods moist, adds complex flavors to other dishes.

Pulse (food processor) 1 cup white sugar with 1 tsp dark molasses for light brown sugar, 2 tsps molasses for dark brown. Note: put the sugar in the FP first and spread it up over the bottom, then add the molasses. The finished product won’t look the same as store bought but will perform similarly in recipes. Yield: 1 cup light or dark brown sugar.

For a stronger flavor substitute some blackstrap molasses in place of some of the regular molasses.

A triple recipe of the brown sugars will fill a 1 qt canning jar. I always make a triple recipe.

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Good info!

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