10-06-2014, 08:10 AM
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I have a newer Duke 2, and recently just traded for an older Duke 1. Both in Best, but the hair is totally different. The Best hair in my Duke 2 is soft, but has much more backbone. The hair in the Duke 1 is still soft, but has less backbone. I was expecting more stiffness, since the loft is lower. It's still a great brush, don't get me wrong. The tips are also more brown in the older Duke 1 and more whitish in the newer Duke 2.

The older also came in a gray box vs the newer in a red box. The type on the handle is also slightly different as well as the sticker. The handle color is also more yellow than the newer. I do also have a Berkeley with a white handle, no yellow at all, so there is some natural variance between handle colors I'm sure.

Anyone have an idea on when this brush was made? I know it's not vintage old, but I'm guessing it's older than my other Simpsons that came in the red boxes.

[Image: 9OfFmn.jpg]
[Image: M1Dobr.jpg]
[Image: ygHyCh.jpg]
[Image: akM1Sq.jpg]

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