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I was shopping in a latino grocery this morning and noticed they had a small hoodoo/magic counter.Various religious icons,candles and scents.Florida Water and several Crusellas offerings were present.I picked the Spikenard 7oz cologne,not really sure of what I was getting for 6.50 USD.When I got out to the car I opened up the bottle and applied a bit to the wrists.

The scent is sweet floral,not fruity.A bit like honeysuckle mixed with lily to my nose.Spikenard is a treasured item predating biblical times.Mary used it to anoint Jesus.Nice but one dimensional.This would probably mix well with a rose type scent.I guess on my next trip there I'll pick up Crusellas Rose cologne and give it a try.

Not sure if I'll buy it again.This 7 oz bottle will last me for quite a while.

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 10-13-2014, 05:56 PM
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http://www.crusellasandcompany.com is a famous Cuban company that relocated to Florida after Fidel nationalized everything. I had completely forgotten about them. I was in Miami training in the military and a Cuban barber used their hair oil and rosewater on me. It's good stuff.
I found a L.A. vendor right on S. Alvarado street in L.A. Your right, it's used in Santeria by many latinos ( and an ex half Swedish/half Costa Rican GF.)Confused
I'd check it out, but my last visit in the 1980s involved 3 pitchers of Margaritas ( lime, banana and strawberry)Bishop Mahoney, a news reporter and AIM activist when I excavated the Plaza Church.

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