10-10-2014, 03:10 AM
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I'm selling this new set of razors:

Feather Artist Club SS in black.
Condition: BRAND NEW
Comes with 15 new sealed Feather Pro Guard blades

Merkur Futur DE adjustable razor.
Condition: BRAND NEW
Comes with 10 new Feather DE blades & 5 new Polsilver Super Iridium DE blades

Only sell this as a set because shipping cost me $45 from Denmark. So I might as well PIF them if sold separately.

Price for both: $100 shipped

[Image: bccf6ebca54db26d85cd1f853c2989ae.jpg]
[Image: 3f542c317adc04b28a5ae731da02c5f4.jpg]

Sold fast

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