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I'm selling this. Shipping from Denmark is $40-45, so I will offer all prices reduced by $20 if you are a returning buyer already waiting for a shipment from me. Hope this is not a violation of the rules.

I will ship items late in next week, first in the week after that !!

Set 1
All items are brand new and in original boxes.
Ikon Bulldog Stainless Steel handle, ikon OSS Stainless Steel handle, all 3 ikon SS heads. Open Comb, closed comb and OSS head

Price: $260 shipped (North America & Europe)
[Image: K7HxXcc.jpg]
[Image: A7Bwmtn.jpg]

Set 2
All items are brand new, and come in the original boxes.
Ikon OSS Stainless Steel handle with the Closed Comb/Solid Bar stainless steel head and the Goodfella DE razor with the now discontinued black open comb head (a quite mild head)
The Ikon OSS handle looks pretty awesome with this black head mounted and gives you a nice shave. This is why I'm offering the Ikon with this extra option - so you basically get an open and a closed head in the set.

Price: $140 shipped

[Image: bIozN2Q.jpg]
[Image: mppxxQn.jpg]

Set 3
Both razors are brand new and come in the original wooden Joris boxes.
A double set of Joris DE razors.
The Joris Bro's - the black & white broad striped and black & white pin striped Joris DE razors.
For shipping reasons, I will do my best to avoid selling these two separately, but of course if you already have a pending order with me, I'm open for suggestions in a PM Wink
But I'm selling both the Joris razors together in a set at a great price IMHO

Price: $230 shipped for both Joris razors

[Image: rhwPXtH.jpg]
[Image: YGBEX4B.jpg]
[Image: kZKngcA.jpg]

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