05-25-2012, 08:29 PM
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Ok, I have been agonizing about this one for a really long time. I started this journey with a VdH pure badger brush. It is a good brush, not really sure of the specs, but definitely not a bad brush. I use a mix of soaps and creams, and I either lather on the soap in the mug when I am using one, or I bowl lather when using a cream.

Now my next purchase was the Vulfix Grosvenor mixed badger boar. After receiving that brush, I learned what backbone was. This brush does a decent job both with soaps and creams, is fairly soft (at least within my frame of reference) and has good backbone. So I have been switching back and for between the VdH and the Grosvenor, and that is ok...

Except now, I understand what people mean by "face painting". When I use the VdH, with just about anything, it is very floppy and is very much like slopping on the lather with a paint brush. I don't like it.

So, my next step is to add one more brush into the rotation, one that will hopefully replace the VdH. This is where the difficulty starts.

I did a lot of reading on the Semogue 1305, based on the backbone of my grosvenor, I figured that a boar might get me where I want to be. I am not looking to go for a high end brush at this time, but I have also looked a little at the the SOC badgers. I like some loft for bowl lathering, but I definitely do not want the paint brush feel when I lather.

The list of brushes that I have been looking at, in no real order are:

Semogue 1305
Semogue OC Badger
Omega 31064
Vie Long Peleon

I'd like to hear some opinions on these or any others based on my preferences. I'd like to stay no more than 50-60 dollar range. I don't really want to go the restore route at this time, but a reknotted brush option has put me off as kind of complicated. I have always been the type of person who liked to kick the tires, so going custom seems complicated and potentially expensive.

Anyway, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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 05-25-2012, 08:38 PM
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I have a Semogue 1305 and it does have good backbone and its soft, I also have the Semogue 830 it is the same knot but with 10% more hair and is very soft with good backbone. I use the 830 for face and bowl. The 1305 is my face lather brush since the knot is a little smaller it works like a champ for those small tubs like Cella and La Famigila. Hope this helps.

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 05-25-2012, 09:40 PM
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Seems like the OP needs more exposure to different brushes to better gauge what he'll be happy with. A cheap Omega boar can be had easily and its hard to understand badgers without experiencing grades of best and silvertip to compare against pure or mixed .

Instead of perhaps trying to come up with the perfect brush based on very limited experiences with badgers maybe the OP can plan for several more brush purchases over time to figure things out. The BST's of the forums can help here, providing reasonably priced brushes and some bargains as well.

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 05-25-2012, 09:49 PM
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I have tried 3 of the brushes you are interested in : the Omega and the 2 Semogues
The Omega is super cheap in Spain,around 7 euros.It has a plastic made handle,which is not the most comfortable one,however,its boar hair has plenty of backbone and its tips are super soft.
The Semogue 1305 has a really ergonomic handle as well as good looking,but delicate.Its hair is superb,having extra soft tips,almost as soft as quality badger hair and a good amount of backbone,but not the same as the Omega brush.
The Semogue SOC two band badger is another great brush for its price.Great looking ergonomic handle and not as delicate as the 1305.Also,its finest badger hair has a strong natural backbone and tips get softer with use,but not silvertip soft.
The 3 brushes are perfect for bowl or face lathering and also soap killers.

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 05-26-2012, 04:21 AM
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The Semogue 1305 is the only brush on your list that I have used. This brush is one of my favorites with a handle that's easy to use and provides decent loft. The brush provides good backbone with soft tips. I prefer using this brush with soaps and "croaps" which are the firmer creams like MdC.

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 05-26-2012, 04:50 AM
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Personally for myself I have turned away from badger brushes, favor boar brushes. I own a Semogue 1460, I love it. The Semogue 1305 is highly regarded here.

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 05-26-2012, 09:57 AM
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I have a 1305 and it's currently my favorite brush. It's got a pretty, ergonomic handle, firm hairs with soft tips. It makes a great lather.

I am not sure what Teiste means about delicacy, but I haven't encountered any issues with sturdiness or durability.

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 05-26-2012, 11:10 AM
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i would recommend the Semogue 830 over the 1305! Fantastically soft bristles with amazing backbone. Good luck.

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 05-31-2012, 06:24 PM
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Ok, after agonizing over this, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered the 830. Any advice on Breaking this in? This is my first semogue, so I could really use advice on what to do,

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 05-31-2012, 06:37 PM
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Read this three time, then read it again. If you follow this you will love your new 830.


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 05-31-2012, 07:02 PM
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Really all you need to do is use it. I also learned recently that soaking it for at least 20 minutes before use is a good idea.

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 06-01-2012, 09:34 AM
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Semogue 1800! Its does everything and its all time favorite for a boar shaving brush.

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 06-01-2012, 10:12 AM
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nothing like a nice broken in boar brush

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