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I thought I should finally look over things here. I have a single Waterman; black with gold trim bought on EBAY and a few bottles of their ink. Paper, at present is a small supply of Moleskine notebooks and I rescued a book on Calligraphy from my apartment dumpster.
I bought it out of frustration with the dreary world of throw away ballpoints and the whole, hurried and disposable world they represent. I have a vintage Bulova automatic from the 50s and frankly sometimes hate this ridiculous cellphone stuck to an old mint and doing battle with my slipjoint knife for pocket territory.
People have commented on my handwriting. I was first inspired in the 6th grade reading G.K. Chesterton and seeing his marvelous signature. It helped keep me from mindnumbing employment many times when handwriting analysis took place of real interviews.
My conspicuous consumption of shaving kit, British Tea service and dress ties is finally, slowly approaching a genteel level of competency.
I will consider my correspondence now.

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 10-15-2014, 04:36 PM
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Welcome to the world of fountain pens. They are a wonderful tool to admire, collect and most importantly, use.
I received a fountain pen from my daughter on Christmas 2012. I now own 8 good pens. My wife has even moreBiggrin
I never wanted a collection. So like my soaps, razors and brushes my pens get used. I write letters. My handwriting is deplorable. I work very hard at making it legible but suffer the curse of being left handed.
The letter recipients really like receiving them. I get very few letters back but hear through text, email or phone calls.

I like brightly colored inks and pen what Pam calls "rainbow letters" by changing pens every half page or so.

I like ordering and trying ink samples. The same goes for paper. What I really.like is the knowledge, help and freindship on this forum.

I expounded the old fashioned letter writing concept and use wax and seals. I also have an embosser for our return address.

Like you I favor slower older ways. Including high tea - a habit acquired from my British mother. We also tell time with a grandfathers clock, drive manual transmission and heat with wood. I have a wood cookstove too and cook on that in the winter. Not to mentioning the whole shaving thing.

A fountain pen just fits into that realm.

Good luck with your endeavor. Ask lots of questions here. You will get good advice.


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