10-19-2014, 08:49 PM
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Every product here is outstanding and you will not be disappointed. Only selling to come up with extra funds for a future purchase. With that said, here are the items.

1) Mikes Barbershop Soap. 85% left.
2) Stirling Barbershop Aftershave Balm. Used 3 times.

1) Mike's Pine & Cedarwood Soap. Used 3 times.
2) Stirling Ozark Mountains Aftershave Balm. Used 3 times.
3) PannaCrema Vetiver Soap (new tub). Used 2 times.
4) 5 pack Voshkod
5) 5 pack Astra

$45 takes everything which includes Postage.

I would also be willing to work out a trade for B&M Leviathan, Anise & Vetiver, Vetyver Santal,

[Image: HCcjBBn.jpg]

[Image: phhXedk.jpg]

[Image: TjPEbmS.jpg]

[Image: PsY01J4.jpg]

[Image: kYV5XaU.jpg]

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 10-20-2014, 06:20 PM
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Everything Gone! Thanks Buyer, Trader, & TSN!

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