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ConUS & PayPal only, please. Prices include shipping. No “PM Sent” posts please. I am open to trades. A few ideas: Barber pole or other slant, Shavecraft 101, Silvertips or (Super in Simpson) in Rooney, Shavemac & similar. Thanks for having a look.

Graf Zeppelin Dual Date/Time, Dual Crown $165 $155 Final Reduction $145

Invicta Speedway Flyback Chronograph $45 Sold

Kenneth Cole Automatic Skeleton, Display Back Paid $135. $55 Now $45

Willing to Break lot:
Lot / DE Shaving Package: EJ Super Badger Brush, Merkur 23C Razor, Chrome Razor/Brush Stand, Shave Secret (pre) shave oil, Nivea Shave Cream, Burt’s Bees Aftershave Balm, Sandalwood Essential Oil, 5 Pack Astra Super Platinums, 5 Pack Derby Blades $100

Edwin Jagger Imitation Ebony Super Badger Brush Non-shedder $65 Now $55

AOS unscented Aftershave Balm 90% or more $22

AOS Sandalwood Preshave Oil 80% $16

Barely worn watches in excellent condition looking for new homes. I was original owner of each.
[Image: XmCP7WD.jpg]

Graf Zeppelin: dual digit date, dual time subdial, dual crowns. Swiss Ronda quartz movement 44mm. I’m gonna miss this one, but I’ve got enough watches and I want to plunge a bit deeper into shave world. The fit and finish on this watch is very nice. Stainless stepped case and beautiful detail on the dial, esp the little silver dot between “German” and “Made” at the bottom, blued hands* BTW those are reflections on the bottom right hand lug (of a brush) and on the part of the case beside it, no scratches. On the bottom of the case at 6 o'clock there is a tiny scuff mark that I can see with magnification and bright light but is not visible even in these close ups. The case gleams in person. Nicely padded leather band. I’ve left on the deployant clasp (push button release) I installed, which greatly reduces wear and tear on bands that buckles do and makes it very hard for the watch to fall off. Purchased for $279. Includes original Zeppelin box. $165 Final Reduction $155

* Blued hands look black from most angles, but when the light catches them just right, they flash dark blue. They cool the steel at a particular time/temp to achieve the effect.

[Image: N6eKkjh.jpg]
[Image: JtVJAiA.jpg]

Kenneth Cole Automatic Skeleton Watch, Seagull movement Display back where you can see the rotor wind the mainspring with your body movements. I enjoy skeleton watches, but I’ve got two more automatics with display backs. Nice bracelet. Includes original box, brochure and all bracelet links. Paid $135. $55 Now $45

[Image: 5eXyRrn.jpg]
[Image: rY9f4oi.jpg]
[Image: hQPxA2R.jpg]

Lot: DE Shaving Package: Edwin Jagger super badger brush with acrylic stand, Merkur 23C/180, chrome razor & brush stand (U stand will balance even short handle razors like a Progress or a NEW like they’re levitating). All three items lightly used, excellent condition (very tiny polishing marks on stand, have to look for them). Shave Secret (pre) shave oil, Nivea shaving cream, Burt’s Bees aftershave balm, sandalwood essential oil (to combine with shave cream, preshave oil, etc), 5 Pack of Astra Super Platinums, 5 Pack of Derby blades *All creams and oils are new and unused! $100

Edwin Jagger Imitation Ebony Super Badger Brush (non-shedder) $65 Now $55

[Image: gidjMk5.jpg]
[Image: 1Yl57X0.jpg]
[Image: KVdoRpL.jpg]

AOS Unscented Aftershave Balm 90% or more $22
AOS Sandalwood Preshave Oil Incredible scent. I’ll be keeping my AOS shave cream and AS in Sandalwood. 80% $16

[Image: bAqD9lB.jpg]

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