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This is one that I'm going to regret, but I'm sticking to my goal of reducing the collection. This beautiful Rudy Vey brush is made in faux tortoise with some beautiful coloring. The knot is a TGN Finest and it is one of the "good" batches with the gel tips. The tips literally feel like they melt together when wet with a silk-like touch. When dry the hairs clump together tightly into stiff peaks that are tough to break apart. The knot measures 24mm x 49mm loft, providing moderately firm backbone. The only nitpick I have with this brush is I don't like the way it fits in my hand. You can take possession of this beauty for $65 including Paypal fees and shipping to the US. PM me to claim it or get a quote for international shipping.

[Image: kXxsaC3.jpg]
[Image: Q39JHiy.jpg]
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