10-30-2014, 08:39 AM
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It's time to clear out some stuff that just isn't getting used anymore.

Pics are below each item

SOLD to Technium
Simpson Case in Best Badger with original box and Simpson Travel Tube. I've had this less than 9 months. Now that I have a Duke 1, I just don't use this brush anymore. Not a shedder, and this does have some scritch/scrub to it even though it's the "newer" Simpson Best hair. I think it's from the short loft. No where near that of a Pure Badger, but it's there. I just put a mic on it and the loft is 39.5mm and the knot is 19.4mm at the base of the handle. Like I said, this is a scrubby little brush! Biggrin
$30 shipped in the USA
[Image: qv68Ta.jpg]
[Image: dSQOtg.jpg]
[Image: RoLqRN.jpg]

SOLD to Macko
MWF in the ceramic bowl with original box. The bowl is in perfect shape. I just don't reach for this much anymore. There is more than one puck worth in it. I put a new puck in a while back and smashed the old one around it, so it's full.
$25.00 shipped in the USA
[Image: Hlb1qK.jpg]

SOLD to Technium
i Coloniali in the terra cotta bowl with original box. The bowl is in perfect shape. The stickers are still kind of on the bowl, water is working them off. It's another soap that I just don't reach for a lot. The scent is good, but kind of out there. There is also more than a puck in here too. I bought it used on here, there was one puck that was unused and one that was 1/2 used. I put the unused puck in the bottom and smashed the used puck around it. It's pretty full.
$21.00 shipped in the USA
[Image: mfBf2Y.jpg]

Glass Aqua Velva bottle with original box. There is no label on the bottle, I bought it that way. It is filled with decanted current AV Ice Blue, NOT VINTAGE AV! The bottle and lid are in perfect shape, no dings or chips. The box is a little rough, but it's there.
$19.00 shipped in the USA
[Image: U08lLg.jpg]

Shipping on the items below will be $5 in the USA unless you buy them with an item above, then it will be included.

SOLD to Macko
Cold River Soap Works Classic Puro Fresco. Used 2 times. Just not sure I like the scent.
$4.00 see above about shipping
[Image: bBuMxd.jpg]

La Cigale Savon Barbe Aloe shave soap. I just haven't been a big fan of this since I bought it. It has a lavender scent, which I don't really like. The performance is good, I just hate the scent. It's a French soft soap, loads easy and makes great lather. I would say there is between 1/2 and 3/4 left. I mostly use it for defunking brushes.
$4.00 see above about shipping
[Image: PmTdwr.jpg]

[Image: cMSscJ.jpg]

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Nice items, especially the MWF and iColoniali.

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