10-31-2014, 08:25 AM
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This was my first ever Simpson brush, I've had it since May 2014, purchased it new from Bullgoose. Now that I have a couple of Dukes, I just don't reach for this anymore.

This is the brush that started my love affair with Simpsons Best hair. Maybe someone who has never tried one would like to start with this one?

It's never been a shedder other than the few hairs they all loose in the first few lathers. It's a nice little face scrubber with just a bit of scritch. Nice backbone.

I'd like to get $35 shipped in the USA.

I still have the original box and the paperwork from Bullgoose (if you want it - Not sure it will do any good, but shows the age).

[Image: qDjdCQ.jpg]

[Image: GuLsPM.jpg]

[Image: kqyXVA.jpg]

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 10-31-2014, 09:33 AM
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Great face leathering brush. Glwts

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