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I'm offering for sale this uncommon German DE 3-piece razor marked SOMEFA. SOMEFA is an acronym for Solingen Metalworking Factory (my translation). I'm not sure of the date of this razor's production, but it was likely produced between the 1930s to 1950s. The razor is in good shape, with no evidence of corrosion or plate loss. I haven't tried to polish the underside of the top cap, which you can see in the photo is a little worn. The razor provides a moderately aggressive shave, which I find effortless, smooth, and efficient. It's definitely worth a try for my asking price of $30. PayPal, shipping in the U.S. included.

[Image: preview_image_1_97847622x_zpsedb5c477.jpg]

[Image: preview_image_2_49052812x_zps6c3fd4fc.jpg]

[Image: preview_image_1_7376972x_zpsef665046.jpg]

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