11-03-2014, 05:32 PM
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Hi All,

Looking to free up some funds so I can continue to feed the addiction. Prices include shipping within the US and Canada. I will ship internationally, but please PM me to discuss additional costs.

[Image: DKWNmF7.jpg]
B&B Essential Boar Silver Glitter - Asking $22

[Image: fzkQ4fy.jpg]
[Image: Cui33Sz.jpg]
[Image: KUxSt45.jpg]
ShaverJoe lime green and white swirl in a Rooney 3 style handle with a 20mm TGN 2 band bulb set at 46mm - Asking $70

[Image: gW9uT0c.jpg]
HTGAM Gondolier 8oz (98%) - Asking $15

[Image: 4nJ3xS2.jpg]
Barrister and Mann Tangerine and Ylang Ylang (vegan - 98%) - Asking $15

[Image: nrBqlvc.jpg]
Prairie Creations Cucumber Wasabi Cilantro (60%) - Asking $10

[Image: mjP0P2y.jpg]
Pre de Provence ASB (70%) - Asking $10

[Image: xdj5tx1.jpg]
TOBS Pre Shave Oil - Brand New, Unused

[Image: X8ghmPr.jpg]
Pour un Homme de Caron (used once) - Asking $25

[Image: 1qJtpuu.jpg]
[Image: zAh81Jb.jpg]
[Image: eCSQ6X6.jpg]
[Image: kghkrB1.jpg]
I. Hoffman King Cutter Straight; made in Germany blade. I believe it's 5/8 hollow ground blade. Shave ready. - Asking $45

[Image: owTgLxW.jpg]
[Image: 3lUJmDL.jpg]
[Image: KVY5D6g.jpg]
[Image: LR1VBbp.jpg]
Lilliput Solingen shorty; 9/16 width and 2.25" long. Shave ready - Asking $35. SOLD

Thanks for looking!

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 12-25-2014, 03:50 PM
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Sorry for replying on Xmas...would be interested on the Pre De Provence.

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