11-04-2014, 06:01 PM
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For reason of shipping costs of $45 I only sell these in sets !

Please notice: Everything mentioned here are all new and unused items. NEVER SEEN WATER NOR SKIN/STUBBLE !!!!

Set 1:
Mühle STF v2 23mm African Blackwood brush

3-way DE razor trio(all 3 is part of the set, 3 razors for one price):
Merkur 11c open comb (discontinued and very hard to find now)
Merkur 47c 3-piece razor
Edwin Jagger Barley Chrome DE89

Price: $150 including shipping WORLDWIDE

[Image: dc1a06e6c87417e1b8c6f98f70c48fcd.jpg]
[Image: b9ae1057fc2cca01b2e27529a423acb1.jpg]
[Image: dd92e822a59c60468107b8fdabb7f499.jpg]
[Image: af64adf8a437a9c0e1abe83f76f08cbd.jpg]
[Image: c39360abd0b580311956e1b27a713990.jpg]
[Image: 8a60015d4895cda6a92360b931b93e9f.jpg]
[Image: e3e0a7f0b4e8f4f0bf23001210a6a4c5.jpg]
[Image: da6562044e177b0c2ce6983f6d21dbd2.jpg]

Set 2:
Mühle STF v2 23mm black & Kent Infinity synthetic 19mm (The Kent comes with a matching Kent brush stand in beige)

3-way DE razor trio(all 3 is part of the set, 3 razors for one price):
Edwin Jagger DE89 Lined Chrome.
Edwin Jagger DE89 Lined Beige SafeGrip
Goodfellas Open Comb DE with matte Black head (discontinued and very hard to find now)

Price: $120 including shipping WORLDWIDE

[Image: 967af68357e2e8c9ec02a137d1c37c1d.jpg]
[Image: fe650754b98f5431e47611e7332a7411.jpg]
[Image: 02fbcdd9051cc4c239f2e61906b7d489.jpg]
[Image: dbaacbc27c19cd14458914dc672dfba2.jpg]


Buy Set 1 & Set 2 for a total of $250 and get these 3 brand new unused Fatip Grande DE open comb razors in all 3 available finishes (platin, chrome & gold) as FREE BONUS !!

[Image: 7e14db2f6f7df3fbcd3637fb4f88a353.jpg]
[Image: bfa20b8c44562438c59087d52ad5d607.jpg]

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 11-04-2014, 06:41 PM
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Man I wish I could do this. ..love the fat tips and would love to try the good fella. GLWTS!

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 11-05-2014, 05:58 AM
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The 11c is very tempting but I've spent too much this month already and I still have an invoice coming from Mongoose sometime soon.Hmm

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