11-06-2014, 12:28 PM
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I have completed these two handles and a matching razor handle available Here

As always, I am happy to take custom requests by PM.

The smaller 22 mm handle has 3 options. A TGN Super Badger, Super Silvertip and High Mountain White. (A Synthetic is in transit)

The larger 24 MM is handle only (shown with a 20mm HMW for pictures only) has knots in transit and will be available next week should you need a knot.

The Razor handle does have a head if required, and no they are not stainless. I do have wood/stainless hardware handles available, as well as more incoming. So look for new designs soon.

I have several more handles (Wood and Acrylic) in the process of being made and hope to have available by early next week.

Thanks for looking.

[Image: ghIMtgt.jpg]

[Image: W77JXc2.jpg]

[Image: feqSAWG.jpg]

[Image: Z4Hu1Un.jpg]

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 11-13-2014, 01:52 PM
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Update: the 24mm handle has knots available. (also have a 24mm Finest 2 band (closer to 26) but not for this handle)

a 24mm (~25mm) Super Badger Fan

and a 24mm (25mm+) TGN Synthetic

More razor handles have been listed as well.

I had fountain pen and a 4WD shift knob custom orders I have been working on which has delayed the addition of 24mm brush handles. I hope to work on them in the next week or so. As well as a few more razor handles in wood.

PM for details or visit here

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