11-08-2014, 12:50 PM
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I have a few (a lot) of items up for sale.

Shipping is a flat $4 in the USA regardless of the amount purchased. International will pay exact shipping.

[Image: IMG_0066_zps4a13bde1.jpg] [Image: IMG_0067_zps41ffb703.jpg] [Image: IMG_0070_zps2d4b1ba3.jpg]
Morris and Forndran 25 mm, brand new in box and 1 puck of M&F soap $185 SOLD!
Simpson TSN M6 Manchurian - love the knot, don't love the handle. This is number 23/200. I'm asking what I paid. I will add a puck of M&F with this brush as well. $145 SOLD!

[Image: IMG_0068_zpsba6e704c.jpg]
All four of these brushes have never touched water.
Muhle synthetic faux horn STF v2 - $45
Semogue Texugo - $60 SOLD!
Semogue Mistura - $50 SOLD!
Semogue SOC - $55 SOLD!

[Image: IMG_0065_zpsb5e2bd99.jpg] [Image: IMG_0064_zps8e850625.jpg]
LA Shaving Soap BBS-1 - I am the 2nd owner. The razor is almost brand new. I had to try this one. I really like it but there are others I like more. $200 SOLD!

[Image: IMG_0062_zpsf13dcb01.jpg]
Black Standard Razor, new - $40
Maggard MR5, new - $20
Aristocrat with case, another pic shows it in the case. A lot of plate loss and needs to be cleaned. $20
Slim - some plate loss but works great - $25
Black Handled SS - $12

[Image: IMG_0057_zps3ebb1958.jpg]
All injectors are $5 each, except for the Schick adjustable which is $10. Buy 3 or more injectors and I'll throw in a pack of blades.

[Image: IMG_0058_zps0c1b5136.jpg]
All SE's are $5 each

[Image: IMG_0060_zps07b11fd1.jpg]
cased SE and injector are $7 each. Price for crat is above.

[Image: IMG_0072_zps0b4c35dc.jpg]
Old school Wizamet Polsilver - $6 a tuck, 10 blades in each.

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 11-08-2014, 01:15 PM
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Wow, great prices on some great stuff.
Tempted by more than a few items here.

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 11-08-2014, 02:42 PM
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I LOVE my Mistura. Great offerings here. GLWTS! You definitely won't need it on this one.

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