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A few pics of some of the razors I have restored or made scales for recently. Sorry for the bad photo skills.

7/8 Wostenholm with a damascus etch all over. Didn't do much to the blade, didn't want to effect the etch. Original scales and lead wedge.

[Image: 7ef038af7e6152a0c140aba1647f228e.jpg]
[Image: 64f1835e43f02d1afea34b8706dd3f58.jpg]
[Image: a85ce30842acce74e5d2d00a0da4294a.jpg]
[Image: c958a83be6bb4cbc388acb85dacacba0.jpg]

Original horn scales. Soaked in neatsfoot oil and sanded up to 2.5k then buffed.

[Image: 884185f758d42d3cbc1bd3c22a44172f.jpg]


[Image: 89f37f5cd7780bf9ebf340cd3e7d4641.jpg]

6/8 CVH Royal Kindal in antique bone scale and lead wedge. Salvaged these scales from a junk razor. They look to be homemade and have a lot of character. The crack was stabilized with super glue and I am assuming it the maker of the scales name scratched in the back of them. Dineer 10 4/11 is what it says. They fit this blade perfectly.

[Image: 5f816788217ca493c21ca64cf3275d7f.jpg]
[Image: 0dc762a70b83b60821dca506af377364.jpg]
[Image: 86101b1aeb80ef8153a74d84f87e8cd9.jpg]
[Image: 9862c9045c5132c3d8c449656cdbe021.jpg]

7/8 W&B FBU wedge. After these pics I decided to thin the scales out because they were too fat imo.

Cleaned the blade up with a scotchbrite belt to keep the original grinding marks in it. Other than that it was in really good shape.

[Image: 1181d52a9ebcd4a36980571015c0276f.jpg]
[Image: ef3e429261226c70eb276e45e81b2903.jpg]
[Image: 9519e20d9d9ad49c75f0ca0b016ea8a7.jpg]
[Image: 6982aede7ae6550ab418756ce1da1072.jpg]

And probably one of my favorites.

9/8 WM Stenton. This blade is massive. Didn't clean the blade much, most of the pitting is pretty shallow but I like the look.

Neon green G10 scales and ghost Jade wedge. Solid brass triple stack washers.

[Image: bbbc6795aa713930869709090c4c177c.jpg]
[Image: 6b29f40483d0616468ee6c999313ba50.jpg]
[Image: 02a148939dcb8a6abf2b07de04fa8609.jpg]

This pic is with the old hollow formed triple stack washers but it's the only one I have that shows the profile.

[Image: 761c277ffddab60bdbb129f01c24792a.jpg]

13/16+ ERN Crown and Sword

Pretty straight forward buff and clean up.

[Image: d86d65e7d74832c6dbbf7059dbb6c5aa.jpg]
[Image: 851de1cb8dc2f1db912142d99680449c.jpg]

13/16 W&B Celebrated Hollow Ground.

This was one of my first restores. Hand sanded and left a 600 grit satin finish on the blade faces. Scales are vintage walnut from my great grandfathers barn.

[Image: 2d81d55b6ece954d88219f5b4fbdc2c5.jpg]
[Image: b6dde55f3a2ea670bc02c1528afc62e5.jpg]

13/16 Imperial Razor with George Washington etch.

Light cleaning on the blade to preserve the etch. This was also one of my first restores.

Original Bakelite scales were polished.

[Image: ef18b8063438a369fddf6dc064bb9deb.jpg]
[Image: d1d648a6260de3e9b2fb7d10d1974f17.jpg]

5/8+ A. Witte Classic

Original translucent scales, not sure what they are made of but they polished up nicely.

[Image: 7a4beef3179363892e1cf01c104f8782.jpg]
[Image: 833a8a22789861b2c8c4c519df812a3b.jpg]
[Image: aa54d741cc1ef25a00a5ccf0f9e1ef69.jpg]

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 11-10-2014, 05:01 PM
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Some nice ones...I like the W&B form your great grandfathers barn

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 11-10-2014, 05:01 PM
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Thanks! Gives us all a challenge. Nice work and you didn't destroy the character of the steels.

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 11-10-2014, 05:03 PM
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(11-10-2014, 05:01 PM)geezer Wrote: Thanks! Gives us all a challenge. Nice work and you didn't destroy the character of the steels.

Thanks guys.

Guess I am a odd ball. I don't really care for vintage razors buffed to a mirror finish. The pitting adds to the character and shows the age of the blade. Although I do have some shiny ones, it varies from razor to razor.

These are just the pics I have on my phone. Wish I still had the before pics too. I'll try and post some more later.

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 11-10-2014, 08:01 PM
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Very nice work. I am impressed.

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 11-10-2014, 10:40 PM
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Lovely work and some wonderful blades and scales! Smile

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 11-12-2014, 08:27 AM
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Very nice work...

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