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Two Marting brushes with 24mm TGN two-band knots. $50 each shipped CONUS

***SOLD*** Jade Jar

[Image: E3A09415-AEB2-4A34-93ED-7A47EF2AFC2A_zpsycf7jl6j.jpg]

[Image: 7E279ED3-D8C5-404D-8517-D0574D29F539_zpsukxutlvo.jpg]

***SOLD*** Multicolor:

[Image: 90E388F5-8259-4512-A0FF-90EB769594C8_zpsz814usam.jpg]

[Image: 0C899028-5575-45CE-AF61-14BD7AA564E8_zpse3jmzifn.jpg]

***TRADED*** Lastly a gorgeous Bukaty brush with two band TGN 24mm. Super soft and great backbone. Gorgeous brush! $120 shipped CONUS

[Image: 3986E615-1417-4E7A-930F-4512F14D0E62_zpsduzrhvhq.jpg]

[Image: 4473C3E9-6910-4CB5-B817-D0C6581BD4C1_zps8e2htpcr.jpg]

[Image: B5C58DD4-5178-4FA4-A783-98675607F6C4_zps1tou3fk7.jpg]

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