11-14-2014, 01:10 AM
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I bought my first and only OC earlier this year. The Parker 24 easily gave me DFS, but lacked the feedback I sought. Because some of my safety bars gave me closer shaves, I PIF’d the Parker and put OCs on the back burner.

All the love here for the Gillette New OCs revived my interest, and I eventually found a rhodium re-plated sample. The seller mentioned that the New LC was one of his favorite razors in concert with Voskhods. He thoughtfully included a tuck with the razor and today, I gave the combination a spin.

I violated everything in the rulebook for this shave. Except for the soap (Cade,) everything else was new to me. Prep was Mr GLO. Brush was a Rudy Vey PJ with a 21/44 shavemac Finest. The Long Comb and the Voskhods were things I’ve never tried before either.

I found the shaving angle within two strokes. Feedback was all I could ask for. It just glided silently when no hair was present, but sang when stubble fell to the blade. Tracks were clean, as expected. I felt a bit of discomfort during my first few WTG strokes on my neck. I promptly readjusted angle and no further issues were encountered.

The handle has decent girth but is somewhat short by modern standards. It is light and moves the razor’s weight more towards the head and makes using no pressure easy. I suspect that along with deviations from angle, this razor won’t tolerate the presence of pressure.

The footprint of a comb is distinct from a safety bar's. The blade is more immediately felt on skin but this helps keeps the user aware of angles and sweet spots. Its aggressiveness or efficiency is noticeable. I've been told that this razor isn't more aggressive than a Red Tip but early impressions tell me it is more efficient than the Gillette Super Speed Heavy.

Maiden voyage was on a day’s growth. BBS achieved after 2 passes and a bit of cleanup. Not bad for a new razor and blade combination. I don’t think I can use this if I’m pressed for time in the mornings, but it easily wins the Sunday shave slot for now. With time, I hope to move it to daily drives.

(I am aware that the thread is meaningless without pictures. I'll snap some pics when I get better light. Biggrin )

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 11-14-2014, 03:27 AM
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Congratulations . The New LC is one of my favorites. Did you get a Long Comb or Short Comb?

(11-14-2014, 03:27 AM)Gabe Wrote: Congratulations . The New LC is one of my favorites.

Disregard my question , I saw you got a LC.

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