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*Mods* you can move this. I'm truly at a loss where to post.
Does everyone recall the power ties of a few years past? Suddenly EVERYONE was sporting sunflower yellow ties like Power Rangers in mufti.
I had a bit of street theater at the Post Office today signing for a package from the UK. We have some actual weather so I wore my tweed suit,tie,black leather gloves
and a remaining sample vial of Bois de Portugal for the walk.
I'm in line, and just ahead of me one of those young ladies that enchant everyone; tall and thin, raven black hair and a face like Audrey Hepburn dressed in a long black skirt,boots and Jacket. Even her glasses were black frames with a final flourish of a rose red woolen scarf about 6' long. And, I could just make out CHANEL #9
But, there was this 'person' with a shaved head, handlebar moustache, biker regalia ( he left in a Toyota!)just behind her doing everything he could to upset her with bedroom eyes and a toothless grin dripping 'chaw.'
they had turned through the rope cordon so I was facing both.
I made eye contact and WINKED at him. He blinked his eyes and I WINKED again, followed by a knowing kissing of my lips and a LONG look at his crotch. He actually paled and half pleaded 'EXCUSE ME?' I simply GROWLED from deep in my throat.
He broke and ran for the door into his Corona.
The line laughed and we advanced to separate tellers. She was waiting outside, this not a Goth or a Steampunk vision of Wednesday Addams as teenager. she simply said ' you remind me of Gomez Addams and I LOVE your cologne.' So I walked Natali the short distance to her house, bade 'adieu Catamia' and came home.
Damn, I wish I could buy a full bottle.

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Thank you, sir, for sharing a fine tale.

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