11-14-2014, 07:20 PM
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Hey guys, i am new to wet shaving. so far i have the escali badger brush ( horrible),omega boar 10066, and now i got a whipped dog 24mm extra drilled for the backbone. i have created amazing lathers with the omega boar, and even with the escali as bad as that brush is. but the whipped dog i got for some reason i cant create good lathers. the lathers are always very airy, like aerated out. big air bubbles in lather and not smooth and dense at all. Im sure it is my technique but with the other brushs i do amazing. ive tried face lathering, bowl lather, hand lather, regular amount of soap to loaded like a baked potato. same thing with water and creams.. every variation i have tried. even soaking the pucks. ive probably lathered up about 12 times and still cant create a good lather no matter what. People rave about this brush so i know it must be my technique. any suggestions??Huh

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