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This is a pretty unique brush which I am certain is a private label Plisson. I did much research when I purchased this brush and found that Medicis is/was a small boutique/spa in Paris, France. There wasn't a whole lot of information out there, but I did find some references on one of the European forums which I can't seem to relocate. The brush acts exactly like the Plisson 2-band European Whites that I have owned in the past. The knot features good backbone and resiliancy, releasing lather with ease even though it is fairly dense, and that signature exfoliating scritch that is omnipresent in the Plisson two-banders. I purchased this brush unused and have used it a couple dozen times in the last year or so that I have owned it, but sticking to my plan on reducing my brush collection have decided to go with a no-scritch regimen. I got a good deal on this brush and will pass that along, it could be yours for $95 (about 1/3 the price vs new when Plisson still made Plexi handles) via PayPal, shipping included to the US, members outside the US are welcome to PM me to get a shipping quote. Please no trade offers.

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