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All prices include shipping to the U.S. If you are abroad pm me and we can work out the best shipping option for you.

This is my first sales thread here in a long time so I hope everything jives, if it doesn't please let me know and I'll change it.


DE lot that need some work. I planned on bringing these back to life to use but I got into straight razors and never looked back. Includes 2 Slims, a Slim case in rough shape and a Flair Tip. All have their own plating issues but could be nice razors with a restore. They all function as they should as far as mechanics.

The Slim with the pitting on the head is a H3. The other is a G3 and the flair tip is a K2.

$45 No Longer Available.


This one is a frankenbrush. The black top is a Hardright and the bottom is a Rubberset. Both of the original handles were in bad shape so I combined the two. The bottom part was broken when I got it so I put it back together and filled it with epoxy. You can see what's left of the crack in the pictures, I positioned the top so it's on the back of the brush. It's solid as a rock now and has much better weight to it. The knot is a 20mm TGN B2 Best set at about 46.5-47mm with 2 part epoxy. It has excellent backbone for face lathering, but also works great in a bowl. It has been used one time, I just didn't care for the barber style handle.

$40 No Longer Available


If you need some more pics let me know and I'll post em up.

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