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I've decided to move my collection of 1940's Super Speeds and my 1940 Milord Tech on as I've discovered the joys of Rockets and want to keep my vintage Gillette collection limited to British razors.

Please bear in mind that I live in the UK so this would increase shipping costs (albeit not by that much) and delivery times.

Ideally, I am looking at trading these razors (either as part of of a direct trade or part-exchange) for any British Rockets (non-flare tip please unless it's a 1958 TV Rocket or Red Tip), Aristocrats, Thin or Service set handled Techs or any British NEW's (with teeth in good condition), although I am open to other offers.

The first set of razors are all in excellent condition with no brassing that I can see. Each razor does have small areas of tarnish though which I have tried to show in the pictures. The TTO mechanisms are in good working order on each of these razors.

[Image: SuperSpeeds002.jpg]

[Image: SuperSpeeds006.jpg]

[Image: SuperSpeeds009.jpg]

[Image: SuperSpeeds007.jpg]

From L to R:

1940's Super Speed dated W1

1941 Ranger Tech - Please ignore this razor as it has already sold elsewhere and is no longer available.

1947 Super Speed - first year of Super Speed manufacture - no date code - centre bar has wings instead of notches

1940's Super Speed dated W1

The final Razor I have described as a 1940 Milord Tech as it appears to be a Milord that has lost the gold wash and lacquer from the handle as opposed to a 1941 Ranger Tech that has lost plating around the head and baseplate area. Hopefully this will be apparent from the photos below. Again this razor was manufactured without end-caps:

[Image: SuperSpeeds017.jpg]

[Image: SuperSpeeds018.jpg]

[Image: SuperSpeeds021.jpg]

Please PM me if interested.

Thanks for looking. Smile

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