11-23-2014, 07:42 AM
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Is your bathroom chilly in winter? The the patented invention of Mr M M Gravin would be just the thing for you, despite the fact that the purpose of the invention was to provide for a more even shave.
Quote:It is a well-known fact in having with a razor that the heating of a razor blade, makes the razor blade out just that much better in shaving the beard. For this reason it is a frequent practice to dip the razor whether open edge or safety razor into hot water before the user shaves. The lather on the face cools the razor and lessen; the efficiency with which it cuts. This makes it necessary to frequently dip the razor in hot Water as the shaving progresses and makes the shaving uneven.
It's not a well known fact any longer, so I'm not sure if this claim was pure hogwash or if it actually did make a difference with carbon steel blades.
[Image: US2324148-0.png]
Mr Gravin also took care to make sure the handle didn't get too hot, by providing an air gap and suggesting using an insulating material for the handle. What he didn't say anything about was how he intended to avoid corrosion to cause a short in the heating element - leaving the shaver with a potential electrical short right next to their face...

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 11-23-2014, 07:46 AM
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Wow, great find! I agree with you, I wonder how he managed to avoid that pesky water vs electricity problem....

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 11-23-2014, 09:47 AM
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Doubles as a soldering iron when not shaving.

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 11-29-2014, 04:42 PM
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Wow, that is a terrible idea! Thanks for posting this patent, it is very entertaining.
Maybe I should patent my cup of hot water that I use to warm up my razor head ...

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