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Up for sale I have a bunch of items that don't fit in with my den. All prices listed include shipping CONUS. I will accept certain extremely limited trades. Items of interest to me include:

-Super-soft "higher end" brushes. Gel-like, scritch/scratch-free. -Chosera 1k hone

First up, a large soap lot. I am selling as a lot for now, due to a desire to make my life simpler.


Includes B&M Hallows (used once), IB XXX (about 90%), IB XX (about 90%), Felce Aromatico from Italy (used three times, very VERY highly regarded soap), Wickham Super Smooth English Lavender 80g tin(90% remaining), and two brand new C & E creams. All told this lot cost me over $100 pre-shipping, yours for $80 shipped

Next up, a few SRs I don't get much use out of

Filarmonica Doble Temple 14 SOLD

Probably the best vintage razor I have ever used. Takes insanely sharp edges with ease and consistency. Honestly, this one is going to be TOUGH to let go of, but unfortunately I just use it so seldom, having moved on to mostly quarter hollow razors. Slight crack in the scales shown in the photo. Of course purely cosmetic (and even better, it's on the non-hinging pin). $250

John Stanley, Boston 7/8 smiling wedge SOLD

One of the first SRs I had restored by Brad Maggard in blonde horn scales. Had quite a bit of water pitting on the blade, which you can see the remnants of in some of the photos. This is the razor that sold me on smiling blades. Tricky to hone because it needs about four layers of tape. $75

Wade & Butcher, Sheffield wedge, slightly under 7/8 SOLD

The last and final of my W&Bs to go. Great shaver, sturdy, original scales with some slight water pitting. Just like with the above razors, I don't use this guy any more, having really consolidated to quarter hollow razors. $60

Next, some brushes I don't use any more:

Simpsons m6 LE in Manchurian SOLD

A Shave Nook exclusive LE in a 22mm x 48mm Manchurian Badger fan shaped knot. The handle is an awesome faux-horn and I love the shape/sizing. The hair type is really interesting with a combination of soft tips, but lots of backbone. This is definitely the odd man out for brushes in my den. I have super soft, "floppy" brushes for the most part, and using this little guy tends to irritate my baby skin a bit. Paid a little under $200 shipped for the brush (and Manchurian brushes from Simpsons tend to be absurdly pricey), yours for $150.

Omega B&B Essentials 2013 in Pink SOLD

From 2013, I spent about 8 months doing wet-dry cycles breaking the brush in. Long story short, Omegas aren't my thing. They're tidy, scrubby, the splay is perfect, but I somehow find the messy, moppy Semogues more to my liking. Paid $30 before shipping, yours for $15.

I have a few "extra" goodies as well, let me know if there's interest

-STAR SE razor with 5 GEM Stainless blades, seems in nice condition
-Stirling Sandalwood, irritates my skin, great performance
-Stirling Neroli; Stirling Gin & Tonic, scents not really for me

I'll try to be prompt about responses. Today is a massive grading day so I'll be parked in front of the computer!

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 11-23-2014, 02:00 PM
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If no takers on the full lot Ill take the hollows and xxx.

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(11-23-2014, 02:00 PM)FreddieP318ti Wrote: If no takers on the full lot Ill take the hollows and xxx.

Yeah my inbox has been getting a bit of attention with folks after the Hallows! I'll be updating a few folks if I end up splitting it all up.

The Hallows is incredibly well-crafted, but it got a pretty firm veto from the wife. She hates dark, creepy and unsettling scents.

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 11-23-2014, 03:18 PM
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That just makes it that much more intriguing Lol. Cant imagine what a dark, creepy, & unsettling scent would smell like in a shave soap.

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