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i am not the typical bigamist - rather i am a minimalist. not by deliberate choice, but when something finds me that works superior - for me - like in good enough through and trough - then i really don’t lust for a substitute - or wish for something that might be better.

i have been on the road for a long while, and the last drop of frostbite was used, so i just had to find a temporary substitute. in norway’s capital the choice is not plenty. the only true barbershop in oslo is dapper, and i had to choose between harris, trumpers, proraso, whisky and then some more. nothing even remotely close to what i prefer. the sweet, knowledgeable and polite young gentleman wearing a sixpence had in fact tried frostbite, my splash, but i refused to purchase anything he had in the shelves, and had to sink down in a wing-chair for a while with an espresso to think it over; what to choose when nothing will do?

i finally asked the lad what the famous in-house spanish barber used on his customers, and he replied: anchor. i smelled a bottle, and was put off, but in a good way Biggrin - anise. i really mean ANISE! it was so odd and the contents looking like boiled jellyfish in its striking cobalt blue glass bottle so i just dropped the coin and left the store. one more thing: it was ‘handmade’ in brooklyn. since i am deeply into the history of brooklyn for the time being, and because my favorite fly fish reel maker julius vom hofe (1836-1907) lived and worked in williamsburg all his life, this was what really pulled me over.

the little bottle was indeed expensive, $60 (4 oz/120 ml). it says:

«bg - brooklyn grooming - anchor aftershave tonic

after shaving, apply a small amount into palm and massage gently onto face (legs, underarms, etc.). this soothing after shave is made with cooling cucumber extract and restorative aloe vera gel to give your face…bla, bla, bla.»

ingredients say:

*witch hazel, *aloe vera gel, vegetable glycerine, *cucumber extract, essential oils of himalayan cedarwood, blood orange, palo santo, *cedarwood virginia.

*organic ingredients

at my temporary home, i tried it, and have done so for the last couple of weeks. the slimy anise medicinal elixir stinks in the whole apartment, even the day after. think digestif bitter underberg. some other reviewers claims ‘it will develop’, but i never found that. it’s anise from here to hell, day and night. i can live with that, even if a bit sickening, as long as it works marvels - and it does. it’s really not more to say. it works excellent, it smells liquorice mothballs, and i look very much forward to come back to my other home to continue pampering my skin with frostbite Heart

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