11-26-2014, 02:34 PM
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Hello Guys,

I wanted to let you guys know that we have new products on our site. We also have a Black Friday special going on now, which will last until Cyber Monday.

Le Pere Lucien Aftershave

New Matador Stainless Steel Razors (8 Different handles)

Taylor of Old Bond Street Peppermint

Floid Blue & Floid Amber

Razor Caddy

Le Pere Lucien 200mg Back in Stock

Many products listed on our site, check out the NEW products section for more items.

Black Friday Specials start now until the end of Cyber Monday. Enjoy!:

Standard Razor Gray $50.00 : http://www.razorbladesandmore.com/catalo...dard-razor

Standard Razor Black $56.00 : http://www.razorbladesandmore.com/catalo...dard-razor

Le Pere Lucien Refill $13.00 : http://www.razorbladesandmore.com/conten...efill-100g

Parma inspiration Body Wash $16.99 : http://www.razorbladesandmore.com/catalo...sh-classic

Gillette Platinum 100pc $30.00 : http://www.razorbladesandmore.com/conten...zor-blades

Gillette Platinum 50pc $14.99 : http://www.razorbladesandmore.com/catalo...zor-blades

Matador S2 Stainless Steel $17.99 : http://www.razorbladesandmore.com/catalo...y-razor-s2

Matador MT100 Horn Imitation $30.99:

Matador MT101 Chrome Edition $34.99: http://www.razorbladesandmore.com/catalo...edge-razor

Matador Stainless Steel razor $16.99: http://www.razorbladesandmore.com/catalo...ving-razor

Taylor of Old Bond Street Peppermint $14.00: http://www.razorbladesandmore.com/catalo...peppermint

The Grooming Co Shaving Brush Black $50.00: http://www.razorbladesandmore.com/catalo...hite-swirl

The Grooming Co Shaving Brush Green $50.00:

Personna Lab Blades $10.00: http://www.razorbladesandmore.com/conten...dge-blades

Happy Thanksgiving!

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 11-26-2014, 03:04 PM
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Stunning. Great new products.

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