11-28-2014, 05:15 AM
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For $45 shipping reason, I sell this at a good price. All things pictures are brand new, unused - EXCEPT the TOBS St. James shaving soap stick, which has been used a total of 5 times.

Price for all 9 products shipped worldwide : $190

Mühle Limited edition African Blackwood STF v2 23 mm brush. Luxurious & heavy handle, water repellant quality wood handle with a silver colored nickel base.

Edwin Jagger XL STF v2 25 mm faux horn. Extremely densely packed brush.

Kent Infinity Silvertex 19 mm synthetic brush in faux ivory including original Kent brush stand.

Edwin Jagger DE89 Barley Chrome DE razor.

Merkur 34C HD Chrome DE razor.

Merkur 39C Barberpole Slant DE razor.

TOBS St. James shaving soap stick.

Simpson unscented 125ml shaving cream.

Arran Bay Citrus After Shave Balm 150ml

[Image: 0524978ea6d1c9beecd0693cbcea2fd6.jpg]
[Image: 85b23f4e00e3f1e13508f15ab7566feb.jpg]
[Image: 71a5be853575f2c32fcac40afaee8255.jpg]
[Image: 97238c3b48467872a452c5dfd7c95102.jpg]
[Image: 6946958fc9ff3526ef35e2c3d9f2ff4b.jpg]
[Image: 2a0b02a415fb73f685eca3b410c5e0a5.jpg]
[Image: 5f6084cb23632319070bd69ca7090948.jpg]
[Image: 1defc0ca18ca6b757040a1721b97e234.jpg]
[Image: b774ee72d4c4241b634cffefeceaf5f2.jpg]

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 11-28-2014, 01:04 PM
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Sold to Waveflov. Thanks.

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