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Some opinionated observations I decided to document. Others probly noticed these things yrs before I ever did.
[Image: 20141129_140638_zpsc55e0fb3.jpg]

Brushes and soaps;
I never really thought I needed more that one nice modern one. After buying my FS I didnt think there was a need or a purpose for a smaller one, or even a boar. (as a side note, I hate using scuttles but strive to mug lather everything) To illustrate, I took pictures to show what I am thinking. Being a tallow soap hound and trying to stick with artisans, the big badger is almost too soft to DIG at the soaps. As we know we will never get through our soaps if we dont show progress on using them. Enter the boar. I picked up a few nice vintage brushes but noticed they are way smaller in comparison to modern boars and badgers. How the heck am I going to dig deep and load heavy with such a small brush? Then it dawned on me.
Looking at the vintage mugs they were obviously too small for modern badgers, but the vintage ones worked just fine. But then, not using a scuttle, how to build a lather with teeny boars? Enter face lather. Aside from pucks that are already in dedicated shave mugs there is no way to use all of my random soaps in mugs. So I just load as much as I can from the container and build directly on the wet face.
I know most of you guys are thinking "I could have told you that", its just that I never correlated the smaller yeoman everyday vintage brushes to the smaller vintage shave mugs. So I have applied the same methodology to newer modern soaps like my Fig and Nutmeg and my 2013 version of Hallows in a tin. These are perfect for the little vintage brushes.
[Image: 20141129_140721_zps025f20b3.jpg]

Speaking of soaps, I think Will at B&M hit a home run on his current style of containers. I read where he was going to try to get away from the single puck and load all of his soaps into his containers. I lamented and whined to myself because I am a mug lather kinda guy and want those pucks for my mugs. But with my new methodology, I can use my modern big badger or moderate sized boar to build inside his new container and build the lather on my face. So now I must give Will my approval to do away with the single serving pucks. Besides, its the same amount of soap either way.

As a side note on the little black Eveready brush. I am certain it is 100% vintage but it acts like horse hair. Did they use horse hair in vintage Evereadys? Unless of coarse it is boar hair that is unbleached. Are boar bristle brushes bleached white for appearances? (like modern sugar and raw sugar?)

My Old Type has BO;
Yea, you read that right. It kinda smells. I can smell the wet brass and its odd. Especially going wtg under the nose. My other vintage OT is silver plated and doesnt have any BO problems at all. I only use liquid dish soap and baking soda with a toothbrush as a cleanser. Regardless I dont think the level of cleanliness is causing it. I think its just the type of brass used in this OT.
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The Vokshod blade;
For background, I only use one cutting edge of the razor for one shave, then the other cutting edge for the next. I usually do 4 shaves and toss. With the Vokshod, I only get one shave per side and have to toss it. While the first shaves are wonderfull and smooth, the subsequent shaves are tug-masters. I even noticed some initial stages of surface rust forming. It's a shame, I wish the followup shave were just as nice as the inital ones.

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There's no need to tolerate the smell. Why not get the stinky razor plated?

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(11-29-2014, 01:33 PM)ShadowsDad Wrote: There's no need to tolerate the smell. Why not get the stinky razor plated?

I have a silver Single Ring OT (NDC) and a silver US Army date coded ball end OT I am thinking of have replated to nickel. If I do that then I can pass on this smelly cat to someone with a less refined nose.

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