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I wasn't sure where to post this handle for sale. It isn't really a LAW Razor Handles product. When contemplating the concept of making a convertible razor handle that would work on either a King Cobra razor or a regular DE razor, I couldn't help but admire the beauty of the Ikon/Shavecraft SE handle and notice that a groove in the knurling would be a good place to cut it and still leave enough length at the bottom to work as a King Cobra handle. I was referred to a local machinist who knew another machinist who did the work. At the time we didn't have a King Cobra head to try it out on. When we were first able to try it (actually another Shave Nook member graciously agreed to try it for fit and photos), the threads weren't deep enough for the stud in the King Cobra head, the knurling appeared too rough to match the smooth appearance of the King Cobra, and the matte finish didn't look right with the polished King Cobra head. So, we drilled out the threads to fully accommodate the King Cobra head, we sanded down the knurling, and we polished the surfaces. Now, I must say it looks pretty nice, and it is a very neat prototype that proceeded the establishment of LAW Razor Handles. If you would like to own a piece of shaving history, it can be yours for $100. (A lot of work went into getting it to this point.)

p.s. In the interest of full disclosure, there are a couple small "bite" marks in the knurling where the machinist must have held it in a chuck do to the cutting and drilling. They are barely noticeable and we did our best to show in them in the photos below.

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Subscribing for pics. :-D

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Thats awesome Troy!

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