12-03-2014, 07:06 AM
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A while back I ordered some items for my birthday.I have put off reviewing most of them until I had a few uses of them.
So here it is...

Barbon aftershave made in Hungary.It comes in a forest green and white marbled box that contains a 100ml clear plastic bottle with a green screw top flip open cap with a reducer.The bottle contains a clear medium green liquid.Taking a quick sniff you get menthol and moss,kind of a souped up Skin Bracer.After 7-8 uses I can say....WOW.When you splash it on it smells and feels like a Halls mentho-lyptus cough drop(which is a mystery since eucalyptus is not an ingredient) .Strong menthol and eucalyptus that fades away after 5-10 minutes and the moss scent comes out.It is rather nice and that scent settles down close to the skin and stays there.Nice and unobtrusive.
After one of my rare rough shaves I reached for this bottle to check out its healing properties.These properties were more than adequate to settle down and sooth the rough spots.

It pairs well with Osage Rub hair tonic.

I like this a/s and will order another bottle.IIRC it cost 3.50 usd.Well worth it.Biggrin

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 08-14-2016, 04:16 AM
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I bought it yesterday. It smells so nice with a great menthol kick. The price was 2.6 euros only. The bottle is plastic but not of bad quality.

[Image: 6817e49af056232d4a3d75e1e5bd463d.jpg]

[Image: dc813d9eff0a5c9c772477d31cf6d4de.jpg]

[Image: 5a8bf73737bb8ae3aa6711e416d80a8d.jpg]

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