12-06-2014, 10:45 AM
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For sale is this limited edition Romera brush with a Plisson style synthetic knot (the bristles are exactly the same as found in Plisson Synthetic brushes).

Knot: 25/52mm (seems the perfect loft to me)
Handle: 50mm

The brush has a much different feel to it than the regular Plisson: more dense, larger knot (25mm) and better loft for face lathering (52mm). I ordered it as the best alternative between Plisson (too floppy) and the GC brush (too stiff).

The brush is UNUSED, I just received it about 10 weeks after I ordered it. In the meantime I have decided Synthetics are not for me. Hence, I'd like to pass it on to somebody who can give it the love it deserves.

For sale for the exact same price I paid $75 incl. shipping % tracking (and without the long wait). Biggrin

Please PM me if interested. CONUS and PayPal only!

[Image: sJAhOAL.jpg]

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