12-07-2014, 02:28 AM
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Hello gents,

This month of December we will refund the amount paid to one order. Another two orders will get 50% refund.

Keep an eye to the Spanish Christmas lotery draw. If the last 3 digits of your order correspond to the last 3 digist of the awarded number, we will refund your order amount. 2nd and 3er numbers will get 50% refund of order amount.

Will participate orders receive from 1st December to orders receive on Tuesday 22nd Dec 08:00 am CET (Central European Time). Draw begins at 09:00 am Spanish time.


[Image: tDguLw.jpg]

We are also including 3 Acca Kappa Eau de Cologne samples on all orders received from 1st Dec. When an Acca Kappa product is ordered we additional add 3 Acca Kappa perfume Samples.

Acca Kappa give away will be offered until stock end.

[Image: 9Vv0Ww.jpg]

Good luck to all participants!

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