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Hello All-

TRADE ACCOMPLISHED - No T2, but something better (i think)

Here I go again.

I'm still wanting a real nice Tulip 2 2-band. So I'm offering my little used M & F Polo/Urn brush as bait. I got this brush last January to replace a 1XL I sold.

This brush has just not found a place in my rotation. It's been used less than 10 times. In those uses, it shed two or three hairs. In total.

Beautifully shaped 26.5 by 49 knot. I asked Lee for hair that was the same as the 1Xl. I think he was able to supply that. It's certainly not what I'd call broken in. I think its the handle shape that just doesn't suit my preference.

Anyway I'm looking to trade it for a nicely shaped T2 2-band. I paid a fair amount more than the price of a T2 for this brush. Any value differences I am sure can be worked out.



[Image: dsc01403xc.jpg]


[Image: mfpolo1xl005.jpg]

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