12-09-2014, 06:09 PM
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Prices include US shipping. Just ask for extra needed for international.

SOLD 1 - LA Shaving Soap Co's Myrkvior soap: $12. Used 1x of 4.5oz. This LE vegan soap was made for the /r/wet_shavers subreddit, and the scent is described as "subtle, warm, earthy, almost spicecakey scent". Definitely a complex one that is a nice fit for the holidays. A bit more info at http://www.maggardrazors.com/product/la-...-myrkvidr/.

[Image: 6askZg2l.jpg]

SOLD 2 - Tiki Vegan lot (Grand Cru & Watermelon Tea): $12 for both. The Grand Cru is a sweet grape scent. Used 1x of 3.5oz. Please note though that the tin is pretty cheap and has discolored some on the inside, even though I only lathered it once. The Watermelon Tea was a custom order that I picked up here on the Nook secondhand. A chunk has been taken out that was sent as a sample, so I'd say conservatively about 75% remaining of the larger 8oz offering.

[Image: HDEY9vdl.jpg]

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